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David Y Mason Award

The EAHP is opening the call for the David Y Mason Award!

David Y Mason Award .

EAHP-SH 2022 is the way to get your name and your work out there as you begin to establish yourself in the haematopathology community.

The EAHP is opening the call for the David Y Mason Award thanks to the generous contribution of the David Y Mason Foundation. This award wants to foster the interest of young researchers for hematopathology and help them to become active members of our society.


The aim of the award is to support the skills of young researchers, including pathologists, PhD, MD students who want to develop and establish their scientific activities in haemathopathology. Projects at the stages of pilot studies (rather than supporting ongoing or established research lines) are eligible for consideration across the spectrum from basic/clinical/translational research. The award will provide a start-up funding to enable successful grant applications to national and international funding bodies.

Evaluation Committee

An Evaluation Committee will be made up of:

  • the President, Past-President and President-Elect of the EAHP,
  • two non-European Haematopathologists,
  • one Haematologist and a
  • Representant of DYM foundation.

Please note

The successful applicant needs to register for the hybrid meeting. The awardee will be announced at the David Y Mason Memorial lecture at the EAHP-SH Meeting 2022.

Past award winners

Lukas Marcelis


Lukas Marcelis

Characterization of EBV+DLBCL microenviroment

Sanjay Patel


Sanjay S. Patel

Correlation of high NPM1 mutant allele burden at diagnosis with minimal residual disease in de novo AML

Darius Juskevicius


Darius Juskevicius

Genetic profiling of Hodgkin- and Reed-Sternberg cells of classical Hodgkin lymphoma enriched from archival formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue

Michiel van den Brand


Michiel van den Brandt

The driving force of nodal marginal zone lymphoma: exploring the NF-kappa B pathway

Programme .

Main Topics

Novel frontiers in Molecular diagnosis of lymphoma and Emerging disease entities

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