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Congress information

Congress Information and Guidelines .


Please submit your poster file not later than September 1st, 2022.

How to record your presentation.

General .

How to get my Certificates?

The certificates will be available for download on the meeting platform.
Your personal certificate will be available within 2 weeks after the meeting.
Please make sure to fill in the survey on the meeting platform before downloading the certificate.
Further information will be send to all participants via email shortly.

How to get access to the on demand content of EAHP?

The on demand content will be available until December 31st 2022.
Please navigate to the registration page to add the on demand ticket if you would like to have access.

In case you already booked the on demand ticket, please log in to the platform and check if you can access the on demand content.

In case you are not sure, whether you boked the on demand ticket or not please reach out to the registration team.

Speaker .

Session Rooms

Some of the sessions will be held in large rooms. Please consider this when preparing your PowerPoint presentation and use a design / size of the text and images that is readily appreciated and can be seen from a distance as well. The media check and all rooms will be equipped with Microsoft Windows based PCs. Macintosh presentations (PowerPoint and Keynote) will be converted to Windows PowerPoint presentations. Mac users should avoid using exclusive Mac fonts and animations while creating their presentations.

Presentation technology

The halls in the Congress Centre are equipped with notebooks/laptops and all presenters are encouraged to project data directly from this equipment. Therefore, please bring your presentation in PC-compatible format (PowerPoint recommended) on a USB stick no later than 90 minutes prior to your presentation to the Speakers Centre. Presentations from a personal notebook/laptop are not possible. It will not be possible to use traditional slides in trays or magazines.

Guidelines to produce Projection Material

Projection material should be regarded as a supplement to the spoken word. You should therefore not use more than 1 or 2 slides per minute. For optimal comprehension of each slide, keep the information short and clear.
We recommend you use no more than 7 lines of text with 5 or 6 words per line and to sparingly use bold and italic styles. It is also recommended to insert spaces to clearly separate sections and when using bullets, please choose dashes, stars, or dots. When presenting figures, tracings, tables, or other illustrations, one or two clear graphical events per slide is recommended to ensure that they can be appreciated from a distance.

PC charts
We recommend that PC presentations (PC charts) are prepared in landscape format in 16:9. To ensure that the PC charts on the screen are legible from the seats in the very back of the hall, it is essential to use the following font sizes:

Headers: bold, font size 40
Sub-headings: bold, font size 32 or 36
Text and figures: normal, font size 24 or 28

Choose a dark background and a light font or a light background and dark font. If you use colors for text and graphics, please ensure they are strong colors that stand out from each other.

For your PC presentation, we recommend you use Microsoft PowerPoint. The animation feature will help you bring your text to life and increase the audience’s attention.

Display of Poster Presentation
Posters are displayed either in the poster exhibition or have been selected as highlighted posters with a presentation in a moderated tour during the morning and afternoon breaks, no power presentation is required.

Poster .

What are the Poster Guidelines?
  • DINA0 (841 × 1189 mm)
  • Portrait format
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • 3mm bleed without crop marks
Do I have to print and bring my poster to the conference?

Yes but you don’t need to bring poster stripes and clips, they will be provided by the venue.


Each poster will have a QR code, that directs to the virtual platform and the virtual poster. Attendees can scan the code in the congress venue to see the poster on their phone or laptop on the platform.

Can I keep the poster after the conference?

Yes, you can, after the meeting you can collect your poster. After the meeting the remaining posters will be thrown away.

Onsite printing options

In case you would like to print your poster in Florence, please find a list of printing shops close to the congress venue below.

Ostolani – Cartoeria print & Copia
Piazza degli Ottaviani, 3/4r, 50123 Firenze
Opening hours
Mo-Fr 09:00-01:00am and 03:00-07:00pm
Closed on Sat. and Sun.

Copy Center Sam Marco snrc di San Marco, 7/r, 50121 Firenze
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 9:15am – 5:00pm

Stampa digitale grande formato
Via Leonardo Bruni 8
50126 Firenze

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday 08:30am-12:30pm and 02:00-06:00pm

E-Poster .

How do I upload my poster?

Please send your poster until September 1st ,2022 to the email address
All posters will be uploaded by the technical team.

What are the requirements?

File type – Acrobat PDF file

  • Poster dimensions – We recommend using a DIN A0 (2384 mm x 3370 pixels, 72dpi) sized poster in portrait format
  • File size – maximum file size is limit to 10 MB
Can I exchange my poster after uploading it?

Please make sure to send your poster via email to until September 1st, 2022. In case there are some changes to be made, please contact us per email with the new version of the poster. Please note, that an upload during the meeting may take some time.

Programme .

Main Topics

Novel frontiers in Molecular diagnosis of lymphoma and Emerging disease entities

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